5 More Tips to Survive Another ‘Dam Winter

Oct 7, 2021

Last week we shared 5 tips to survive the cold, gloomy Amsterdam winter, but we felt it wasn’t nearly enough… This week, we bring you 5 more tips to keep the good spirits up and the smiles rolling!

If you missed last week’s blog, check it out here: 5 TIPS TO SURVIVE ANOTHER ‘DAM WINTER

Here are our suggestions for this winter season in Amsterdam:


Staying active during winter months will keep your endorphin and serotonin levels up.

In other words: It will be easier to stay in good spirits if you invest in a fun indoor activity that you not only enjoy, but that also requires a little move, shake, and sweat.

We suggest to try out Zumba, dancing, fitness, hot yoga, join a sports team or try playing hockey… Explore and try out a new sport or do something you always wished to this winter season but never had the time for!


Try the onion principle – dress in layers of thinner clothes, possibly wearing two long sleeve shirts under your sweater, warm socks and a hat and gloves with a warm, long jacket. And then go for a walk.

Be it a 15-minute walk or more, be sure to keep warm and cosy.

The fresh air will clear your thoughts and you may notice little details on the streets that you missed out while riding on a train, bus or even your bike.

To make the walking activity extra fun, invite a friend to join and bring along some hot tea in thermos-cups. Exploring the city will suddenly turn into a whole new experience.

Since the Amsterdam Light Festival is in full spot right now, let that be motivation to take a long walk along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.


If ice-cream is the best dessert for summer, hot drinks like cocoa, hot tea or mulled wine are a signature drink for winter days. Which one do you prefer?

Find a nice spot where they serve your preferred winter drink in the largest portion and enjoy it during grey and rainy days. You can bring a book with you or just people-watch while drinking it.

When you do not feel like leaving home, prepare one of those drinks by yourself, and enjoy it under your soft winter blanket. We suggest to add marshmallows to the cocoa, fresh mint leaves to any tea flavour or oranges and cinnamon to the mulled wine. You won’t regret it!


What is a better reason to leave home than to go to the cinema, and watch a movie while munching on some hot buttery popcorn or cheesy nachos?

The possibilities to watch a good movie in the Dutch cinemas are endless, you can choose between English and Dutch ones, while smaller places like LAB 111 offer a dinner & cinema combo.

You can look up the latest movies at cinemas close to you here:

Feel like staying home?

Check out: Turn Leftovers into Party Snacksfor the perfect home-made nacho recipe


If everything else fails or you just need a small holiday after studying hard, book a weekend getaway to a warmer destination. Spain, Greece or Canary Islands will have a refreshing impact on your mood.

Do you have any other winter tips for your fellow neighbours at OurCampus? Post a photo on Instagram and tag @OurCampus to get a chance to be featured on our page!

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