How can we help?

How can we help?

Campus contract

What is a campus contract?

A campus contract is a lease agreement which applies to student housing. This contract states that you have to be a student in order to rent the apartment. At least once a year we check whether you are still enrolled at an educational institution. If you are no longer enrolled as a student you must terminate the tenancy agreement and move out within three months. Check OurDomain for rental housing for (young) professionals.

Which documents do I need for signing the campus contract?

For signing the lease agreement you will need the following documents:

  • Valid identification document
  • Proof of current enrolment from your educational institution

What is the duration of the campus contract?

The lease agreement is for the minimum duration of one year.

Is it possible to rent an apartment for just 6 months?

No. The lease agreement at OurCampus is for a minimum duration of 12 months. If you are looking for an apartment for a limited length of stay as from 3 months to maximum 12 months, please check out the short stay possibilities via our partner OurDomain.


Who can live at OurCampus?

To  sign a lease agreement for an apartment at OurCampus you need to be registered as a student (MBO/HBO/WO) at an educational institution (for a minimum of 19 hours a week). If you are not a student (anymore), please visit our partner OurDomain for rental apartments for (young) professionals.

What do you mean by proof of enrollment?

  • A declaration of enrollment from your educational institution
  • A proof of registration at your educational institution

I am not studying in Amsterdam (anymore) but I am studying elsewhere in the Netherlands. Am I allowed to rent an apartment on OurCampus?

If you can prove you are a student at an educational institution in The Netherlands, you are allowed to stay at OurCampus.

Can I also rent an apartment if I am only starting to study in a few months?

You need a valid course registration in order to be eligible.

How do we prevent housing discrimination?

When allocating our homes, we use robust and tested processes that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. We make every effort to ensure that no unjustified distinction is made between prospective tenants when renting out our properties. One of the ways we do this is by training our employees about what is and isn't the selective criteria, for example we have some homes which are allocated as student accommodation only. More detail can be found in the section: ‘Objective selection criteria’.

 When we work with third parties to offer housing, we also ensure that they also have robust processes in place that are aimed at preventing housing discrimination. Furthermore, we regularly assess whether our policies have the desired outcome in practice and whether our processes can or should be further adapted and tightened.

 If you would like to raise with us any feedback or concerns in regards to our policies and processes we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via e-mail: voorkomwoningdiscriminatie@greystar.com.

For more information about the rules and regulations, please go to the website of the municipality here.

 Below we explain in more detail the processes we have in place.

First come first served

In principle, we work on a first come first served basis when offering our homes. We use a digital and automated system to do this. The prospective tenant who was the first to register for the property (completing all relevant forms and confirmed via email) will be accepted in the first instance.* The prospective tenant’s application is then checked it meets the objective selection criteria that applies to the property applied for.

If the prospect meets the objective selection criteria, a rental agreement will be concluded with them in principle. However, this is dependent on previous experience with the prospective tenant. We reserve the right not to enter into a rental agreement if we find there have been previous negative experiences in relation to the prospect.

If no rental agreement is concluded with the first accepted prospect, we will inform the person/persons by e-mail and outline the reasons for this decision. The property is then advertised again and the above outlined process begins again.  

*Note: the accepted prospect is provisionally accepted pending final checks and supply of all information requested.

Exceptions to the above process:In the past, one development in Diemen, had a waiting list. Prospects could be placed on the waiting list via an application form. If a property became available, the prospect highest on the list was approached first (e.g. prospect numbered 1). We are no longer accepting new prospects on to this waiting list.

Due to the contractual obligations of this waiting list, whilst there are still ‘active’ prospects on the waiting list (i.e. prospects are still interested in renting a property at this location), housing will be allocated to the suitable prospective tenant with the highest rank. Once there are no longer any ‘active’ prospects on this list, this waiting list will no longer be in operation and we will revert to the first come first served principle at the Diemen location.

Objective selection criteria

When assessing whether a prospect is suitable, we use objective selection criteria. When a property is advertised, we state which criteria applies to that property so that all prospects can make an informed decision as to whether they are a suitable tenant for this type of property.

The criteria may vary from property to property. An example would be student accommodation. If a property is intended for students, the conditions are that the prospect is enrolled at an educational institution and is actively studying. Some of our properties require a Housing Permit and this is stated. If a property requires a Housing Permit, a prospect must be eligible for the permit outlined.

Greystar will never request information about or select prospective tenants on the basis of ethnic or cultural background, religious identity, political preference, sexual orientation or physical/mental health.

What is the studycheck?

Students are contractually obligated to provide proof of student enrolment status upon request. The accommodation is intended for students. We have an active throughput policy that is geared at maintaining the use of the accommodation in accordance with its intended use.

What is Datakeeper?

Datakeeper is the data wallet for consumers to collect, securely store, and send data. The solution ensures that consumers can quickly and easily collect personal information and share it with their car rental company, real estate agent, bank, mortgage provider, credit provider, or other service provider.

Datakeeper is part of Rabobank.

What am I sharing through and with Datakeeper?

Datakeeper facilitates access to various financial sources containing information about you, while also requesting your identity and address details for verification purposes.

  1. Email:
    You provide your email address and verify it using two-factor authentication for added security.
  1. DUO:
    Through the Datakeeper app, you securely access your DUO study data by logging in with your DigiD on the DUO website. The information shared includes your first name, last name, and current study details, while sensitive information such as your study debt is not disclosed.

Use of the Apartment

Will I have my own mailbox?

Each resident at OurCampus has a private apartment and therefore a personal mail address and a mailbox. The mailboxes are located at the entrance of the apartment building.

Is there possibility for double tenancy at OurCampus?

In the apartments with a surface of less than 40m², occupation by more than one person is prohibited. Apartments with a floor area of 40m² or more are available for two person occupation. In this case the campus contract will be co-signed by 2 tenants.

Am I allowed to install my own dishwasher?

You are not allowed to install a dishwasher in your apartment.

What is a Campus Key?

Access at OurCampus is controlled via electronic locks. You will receive your personal Campus key tag which will give access to your apartment building, your personal apartment and bicycle shed and to resident's exclusive facilities such as study halls, launderette and lounge.

Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment?

In your own apartment you are allowed to smoke, but as a tenant you are liable for smoke damage, including the necessary painting and cleaning/replacement of curtains and carpets. In the amenity areas and buildings smoking is strictly prohibited.

Am I allowed to install my own washing machine?

It is prohibited to install a private washing machine in your apartment, but there is a modern launderette  available for residents at OurCampus.

Where can I park my car?

Excellent public transport options (train, metro, bus) are available at the station directly adjacent OurCampus. Amsterdam centre is at cycling distance.

Affordable rental cars are available onsite via Hely. Residents that still need a car are eligible for a parking subscription at our parking at approximately 200m distance from OurCampus (Wisselwerking 2-6, Diemen).

Visitors may park at the public blue zone near the Campus (free of charge with a blue parking disk, max 2h) or via Parkbee on the parking at the Wisselwerking 2-6 (via Parkmobile or Parklineapp).

It is not possible to apply for a parking permit at the municipality.


Do I need a guarantor?

No. You are personally responsible for settling your rent and service costs.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

When you sign your lease agreement, you will need to pay twice the base rent as a deposit apart from the application fee.

When do I get a settlement of my service costs?

Within 6 months after the end of the calendar year you will receive a statement of your service costs of the previous year.

Am I entitled to a housing benefit?

You may be eligible for housing benefit since OurCampus comprises only independent apartments. This also depends on your personal situation (age, income). For more information about housing benefit you can consult the Belastingdienst.