How can we help?

How can we help?

Campus contract

What is a campus contract?

A campus contract is a lease agreement which applies to student housing. This contract states that you have to be a student in order to rent the apartment. At least once a year we check whether you are still enrolled at an educational institution. If you are no longer enrolled as a student you must terminate the tenancy agreement and move out within three months. Check OurDomain for rental housing for (young) professionals.

Which documents do I need for signing the campus contract?

For signing the lease agreement you will need the following documents:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of enrollment from your educational institution
  • ATM card for payment of the deposit (twice the monthly rent) and administration costs

What is the duration of the campus contract?

The lease agreement is for the minimum duration of one year.

Is it possible to rent an apartment for just 6 months?

No. The lease agreement at OurCampus is for a minimum duration of 12 months. If you are looking for an apartment for a limited length of stay as from 3 months to maximum 12 months, please check out the short stay possibilities via our partner OurDomain.


Who can live at OurCampus?

To  sign a lease agreement for an apartment at OurCampus you need to be registered as a student (bachelor or master) or PHD at an educational institution (for a minimum of 19 hours a week). If you are not a student (anymore), please visit our partner OurDomain for rental apartments for (young) professionals.

What do you mean by proof of enrollment?

  • A declaration of enrollment from your educational institution
  • A student card of your educational institution for the current school year
  • A proof of registration at your educational institution

I am not studying in Amsterdam (anymore) but I am studying elsewhere in the Netherlands. Am I allowed to rent an apartment on OurCampus?

If you can prove you are a student (bachelor, master, PhD) at an educational institution in The Netherlands, you are allowed to stay at OurCampus.

I haven't received my proof of enrollment yet, what should I do?

Please contact your educational institution and ask for a (temporary) declaration of enrolment.

Use of the Apartment

Will I have my own mailbox?

Each resident at OurCampus has a private apartment and therefore a personal mail address and a mailbox. The mailboxes are located at the entrance of the apartment building.

Is there possibility for double tenancy at OurCampus?

In the apartments with a surface of less than 40m², occupation by more than one person is prohibited. Apartments with a floor area of 40m² or more are available for two person occupation. In this case the campus contract will be co-signed by 2 tenants.

Am I allowed to install my own dishwasher?

You are not allowed to install a dishwasher in your apartment.

What is a Campus Key?

Access at OurCampus is controlled via electronic locks. You will receive your personal Campus key tag which will give access to your apartment building, your personal apartment and bicycle shed and to resident's exclusive facilities such as study halls, launderette and lounge.

Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment?

In your own apartment you are allowed to smoke. In the amenity areas and buildings smoking is strictly prohibited.

Am I allowed to install my own washing machine?

It is prohibited to install a private washing machine in your apartment. Alternatively, but there is a modern launderette  available for residents at OurCampus. The supermarket offers a dry cleaning service.

Where can I park my car?

Excellent public transport options (train, metro, bus) are available at the station directly adjacent OurCampus. Amsterdam centre is at cycling distance.

Affordable rental cars are available onsite via ConnectCar. Residents that still need a car are eligible for a parking subscription at our parking at approximately 200m distance from OurCampus (Wisselwerking 2-6, Diemen).

Visitors may park at the public blue zone near the Campus (free of charge with a blue parking disk, max 2h) or via Parkbee on the parking at the Wisselwerking 2-6 (via Parkmobile or Parkline app).

It is not possible to apply for a parking permit at the municipality.


Do I need a guarantor?

No. You are personally responsible for settling your rent and service costs.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

When you sign your lease agreement, you will need to pay twice the rent as a deposit apart from the subscription fee.

When do I get a settlement of my service costs?

Within 6 months after the end of the calendar year you will receive a statement of your service costs of the previous year.

Am I entitled to a housing benefit?

You may be eligible for housing benefit since OurCampus comprises only independent apartments. This also depends on your personal situation (age, income). For more information about housing benefit you can consult the Belastingdienst.


What have you put in place to keep the building COVID-19 secure?

We will follow the most up-to-date Dutch government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines to continue to protect all our residents and onsite team. These will be clearly communicated throughout our buildings. In addition, we have increased the frequency and method of cleaning amenity areas and commonly touched items such as buttons and door handles. We will continue to update all residents on any changes on Governmental regulations and measures and the implications for your building.

Do I have to wear a face mask when walking through the building?

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend all residents and visitors to wear a non-medical face mask when using the elevators and when moving through our public spaces.

What happens if I (or my partner) are tested positive on Covid-19?

If you test positive or if you are self-isolating for suspected Covid-19 exposure, we urge you to inform the Service Desk via telephone or email. We would like to stay informed to assist you wherever we can and help limit the spread of the virus. To reassure you, we will of course respect your privacy. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not and cannot disclose if/which residents are self-isolating. This is up to the discretion of the individual concerned or the authorities.

Can I ask for support if I need to self-quarantine?

If you test positive or if you are self-isolating for suspected COVID-19 exposure, please inform your Service Desk via telephone or email. We are here to assist wherever we can, and we will of course respect your privacy. We can help you with practical stuff such as taking out garbage and deliver your (online) groceries to your door.

What happens if (other) residents in the building are tested positive on Covid-19?

We continue to urge all residents to inform the Service Desk when tested positive of while self-isolating for suspected Covid-10 exposure. We would like to stay informed to assist wherever we can and help limit the spread of the virus. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not and cannot disclose if/which residents are self-isolating. This is up to the discretion of the individual concerned or the authorities. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone continues to respect the Govermental measures and guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

If the amenity spaces are closed due to governmental restrictions, will we get compensated for this?

We only close the amenity spaces if this is required as a result of the Dutch governmental measures and restrictions. If so, we will financially compensate service charge contributions for these communal facilities.

Where can I get tested?

We urge everybody to get tested if you have respiratory symptoms (coughing, rhinitis, sore throat or pneumonia), often accompanied with fever or if you have been in contact with an infected person or at an increased risk of having been infected as part of contact tracing efforts. This test is free of charge. For more information and test locations, please visit https://coronatest.nl/ (available in English) or call: 0800 1202.

Will the Service Desk continue to be available during Covid-19?

Yes, your Service Team will continue to provide services and assist Residents wherever they can. In order to limit unnecessary exposure of residents as well as the members or our Service Team, resident's are kindly asked to reach out to the Service Team via email and telephone when possible.

How do you execute Covid-proof maintenance works in my apartment?

When you submit a maintenance request via the resident portal, our team will call you first to ask you some basic health questions. Of course, should your health condition change before the maintenance issue is solve, we kindly ask you to inform us.

Our Tech Support or technical partner will ask you some basic health questions again before they enter the apartment. If they have any doubt of your physical wellbeing, they are strictly instructed not to enter the apartment. In that situation, the Service Desk will contact you by phone to make further arrangements.

The mechanics are required to wear a face mask and gloves. The mechanic will ask you to open the windows for extra ventilation before entering the apartment. Also, you will be kindly requested to wait in the hallway while your issue is fixed or wear a face mask if you prefer to stay in the apartment. A minimum of 1.5 metres social distance should always be observed.

Will you continue to organise resident events?

Unfortunately, physical resident events are postponed, respecting social distancing. We acknowledge that the current circumstances are very demanding for everybody, especially for those living in a single household or far away from their home country. While we cannot organise physical resident events, we invite all residents to join and contribute to our online optimism campaign via our social media channels and via the hashtag #AllYouNeedIsHome. This includes fun, work-outs and live events and workshops.

Will you accepts my parcels?

In order to reduce exposure by individual deliveries to our buildings, please register and use MYPUP for central delivery; quick, free of charge and much more convenient while respecting social distancing. The lockers can be opened touchless, using the app. If you are not registered yet, please download the app or visit www.mypup.nl.

Where can I find the most recent updates from the Dutch Government?

All actual measures and updates from the Dutch government can be found via https://www.government.nl/topics/c/coronavirus-covid-19 (English) and the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) via: https://www.rivm.nl/en.

I am leaving my apartment for more than 2 weeks, what should I do?

If you are planning to leave your apartment for longer than two weeks, please empty your fridge/freezer, dispose your garbage, unplug all electrical devices, close your windows and turn your heating down. We would appreciate it if you could inform the Service Desk via email if you are planning to leave for more than two weeks.

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